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Injection treatments

Injections are treatments intended to rejuvenate and sculpt face and body. They can help clear your skin, overcome age-related changes, get rid of the signs of ageing, remove scars, post-acne or hyperpigmentation or sculpt your body or face. Beauty injections are a quick, effective, safe and, most importantly, non-surgical way to deal with these and many other problems.

GESR clinic services

Laser treatments

Glass skin. We all want it, and yet that dewy, airbrushed glow is elusive for most of us, regardless of age. Sloughing off dead cells at home with masks, scrubs, glycolics, and retinols can help. And clinical resurfacing procedures that cause slight injuries to the skin — think chemical peels, dermabrasion, or microneedling — can get you there faster. But when you need a supercharged solution, there’s nothing more effective than lasers. 

GESR clinic services

Beauty therapy using equipment

Beauty therapy equipment is used for safe and painless treatment, cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin without surgery. It employs targeted laser radiation (radio frequency or infrared heating) to work on top and deep skin layers.

GESR clinic services


A cosmetologist cares for, tends and maintains the health of the skin. Modern cosmetology offers an almost limitless range of options for maintaining skin beauty and remedying problems. It is said that every woman should have her own hairdresser, dentist and cometologist, but nowadays, men also place a high value on well-kept skin, and are willing to undergo beauty care procedures.


Vitamin Drips

Infusion drips with vitamin and antioxidant cocktails are an innovative therapy aimed at restoring energy and maintaining health. During the procedure, a special blend of nutrients is introduced directly into your bloodstream through a vein, providing your body with the necessary components for vitality and slowing down the ageing process.

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We are very pleased that the knowledge and experience of our specialists are confirmed not only by diplomas, but also by numerous reviews of grateful clients of the GESR clinic.

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